My photo backup

Ok .. So the wife came around with a new phone, and asked me if all her pictures from teh old phone was transferred to backup .. We have a home server with different directories for all the “events” we have stored pictures from, all from different cameras .. Now the problem : I now had a folder with 3000+ files which I could not know if was backed up already in some folder ..

I uploaded all these 3000+ files (movies and pictures from the phone) to a new folder newpictures, then I crafted a python script for doing my work :

Running this script searches my backup directory for a file of the same name than any file in the newfolder directory, then does a compare to check for real equality. If we have a match, the duplicate file name is listed in a file called “equal_files”.

So far so good !
Now I needed to delete the files that already existed elsewhere :

And there you have it … the duplicate files are pruned from the folder, and my wife can start putting the pictures in the right folders ..

If you choose to use this, then do it at you own risk !


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